101ChristianSpaces was originally a Christian alternative to MySpace.com – the inventive site that appeared in the early 2000’s – but has now evolved into a resource for ‘spaces’ – places where Christians can meet and fellowship and socialise on or offline. I hope this site gives you ideas and sites and services.

You will find we add new sites and services to this directory and feel free to contact us to add a great site or service for Christians – any space or place where they are safe and can make friends with other believers.

Facebook has recently been in trouble – since despite having 1000s of employees – it seemingly cannot control what happens to it’s user’s data being the behemoth that it has become – that’s why I hope Christian entrepreneurs will attempt to create a better service than Facebook for Christians – one that really connects you to the right people – spaces that are safe and not exploitative in terms of the users just becoming a product in the hands of investors to make money. That’s what  this site is about – collecting safe-spaces for Christians – I mean really safe.

To add a resource on this website – just contact us using the links on the site.